Mechatronics Motion Control Solutions
April 2008
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In response to a growing trend of combining electronics and mechanical devices into one integrated system, also known as mechatronics, a company is expanding its Integramotor product line to include its larger brushless dc motors and gearmotors. The Integramotor gearmotors contain a speed control, a brushless dc motor, and a gearhead in one compact unit. Besides lowering engineering time and assembly costs, this integrated design reduces the wiring complexity and requires less panel space. It also minimizes the risks of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Like the smaller 22B-frame Integramotors, the new larger frame sizes can be operated from a regulated 24-V dc power supply and are available with either analog or digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) interface options. These new models feature an on-board PWM control that accepts inputs from an external motion controller or programmable logic controller. The control also features amplifier enable, direction input, and dynamic braking. The Type FV models are supplied with a built-in 256-PPR, two-channel optical encoder. Parallel-shaft, right-angle, and hollow-shaft gearmotors are offered with output speeds ranging from 0.3–500 rpm and rated torque of up to 310 lb-in. The new brushless dc Integramotors are a lower-cost alternative for applications that typically require stepper or high-end servo systems.


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