Color Touch Panel with Video Capabilities
April 2008
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ELAN Home Systems (Lexington, KY, U.S.), maker of home control systems, recently introduced 7- and 10-in. in-wall wide-screen panels to its touch panel family. The VIA!7.0-EM and 10.0-EM allow users to control up to 20 audio/video components and lighting, HVAC, and security systems with a single touch, while viewing full-color cable TV, satellite TV, or in-house security cameras.

Quick-connect terminals for IR in/out allow the touch panels to be integrated to the home control system via the company’s SS1 System Station, an RS-232 infrared sense-and-relay controller. The SS1 converts each finger press on the panel into commands that other system components understand, making use of a built-in library of RS-232 serial drivers. Wired control is enabled using a multiroom controller for home automation, such as the SC4 four-port system controller. It gives the touch panels the ability to control up to four whole-house electronic subsystems such as lighting, HVAC, and security in addition to audio and video.

Programming the two new panels is also made easier with the company’s latest version of VIA!TOOLS software. This setup software includes prewritten two-way serial drivers for the control of Lutron RadioRA lighting and DSC, Elk, Honeywell, and GE security systems. With their larger screen sizes and expanded function page capabilities, the new panels are suited for controlling and displaying real-time status feedback of these systems. Up to seven decor-matching colors and two wall frame styles are available for customization.

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