Energy-Saving Thermostat
April 2008
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The Omnistat2, an Energy Star thermostat from Home Automation Inc. (HAI; New Orleans, LA, U.S.), uses advanced digital technology to monitor a home’s heating and cooling patterns and adjust control to maximize both the HVAC system’s efficiency and the user’s comfort. Programmable up to seven days, the device communicates with other home control systems for coordination of energy savings with daily activities, such as “Home”, “Away”, or “Vacation”. It can be controlled from within the home or through the telephone or Internet. 

“HAI also offers versions of the Omnistat2 that communicate with utility metering systems,” explains HAI president and CEO Jay McLellan. “This allows for real-time energy cost and usage to be displayed directly on the thermostat so homeowners can visualize and understand their consumption, and to be able to reduce it whenever possible.”

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