Microminiature Relay
March 2008
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The J860 series monostable, high-dielectric relay has 2.5 kV surge strength that conforms to FCC Part 68. The J860 is DPDT with coil voltage choices of 3, 4.5, 12, and 24 V dc. The relay measures 15.0 × 7.5 × 9.5 mm and is UL/cUL recognized and RoHS compliant, with cadmium-free. The two-form C contacts are gold clad, offering stable, low-level signal switching. The relay is epoxy sealed for automatic wave soldering and cleaning. It has a maximum switching power of 60 W, a maximum switching voltage of 250 V ac, 220 V dc, and a switching current of 2 A. Electrical life at the rated load is 100-k cycles and mechanical life is typically 100-M cycles. With insulation resistance of 100 mW minimum at 500 V dc, the J860 offers coil-to-contact dielectric strength of 2500 V rms minimum at seal level. Contact-to-contact dielectric strength is 1500 V rms minimum at seal level. Shock resistance is 750 m/s2 for 11 minutes and vibration resistance is 3 mm double amplitude 10–40 Hz. The copper alloy terminal strength is 5 N.


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