Hydraulic Coupling
March 2008
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The supplier, which manufactures Hansen & Coupleurs Gromelle quick-connect couplings and Quickseal leak testing connectors, introduced a line of flat face, hydraulic, quick-connect couplings. The line meets or exceeds the ISO 16028 standard for this classification of quick-connect coupling. Flat face couplings are primarily used for applications where there is a risk of contamination of hydraulic circuits. The double shutoff valve configuration provides for a “dry break” connection where fluid loss is eliminated and the entry of air into the hydraulic circuit is minimized. This design also promotes a clean work area and protects the environment from fluid spillage. The new design interchanges with other ISO 16028 manufacturers and has 5075 psi (350 bar) maximum operating pressure for all sizes. It has automatic connection and sleeve lock and is available in NPT, BS, and SAE threads.

Tuthill Coupling, www.coupling.tuthill.com

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