Tool System for Stamping Sequential Numbers
March 2008
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The Enumerator sequential numbering tool is designed to stamp sequential serial numbers, dates, and codes on fabricated parts. The tool system extends the punching capabilities of CNC punch presses and delivers added value to products. Sequential numbering up to six digits long allows for accurate product traceability and is easily accomplished as part of the punching process, eliminating the need for complex machine programming or a secondary operation. The Enumerator is a thick turret 3½-in. D station special assembly with integral punch holder. At the core of the assembly is a spring-loaded stamping head with six numerical stamp wheels. Each wheel features the numbers from zero to nine engraved around the circumference. The spring-loaded arm of the stamping head engages with a rocker arm that advances the wheel heads one number at a time, from 000000 to 999999. The unit operates in Sequential Number Mode, advancing one number for each complete stroke the tool makes, or in Fixed Number Mode, to create fixed numbers such as date, batch number, or part number.


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