Raychem Circuit Protection Products
March 2008
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Tyco Electronics’ Raychem Circuit Protection Products

Tyco Electronics’ Raychem circuit protection products are a part of your everyday life. From your cell phone battery to your car’s steering wheel, we are helping to make your world safer and your electronics more reliable. All the electrical equipment you use for work and play can be damaged by faults such as overcurrent, overvoltage or overtemperature conditions. Our products help protect equipment in a wide range of applications, including:

  • computers & peripheral devices
  • battery & portable electronics
  • automotive systems
  • industrial appliances & HVAC systems
  • consumer electronics equipment
  • medical devices
  • telecommunication & networking equipment

Helping to improve equipment safety and reliability, our products are certified under UL, TUV and other regional and application specific agencies.

A History of Product Innovation

Innovation has been part of our history since 1980 and started with the use of a polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) device as a variable resistor for battery protection. Today Tyco Electronics is a global leader in PPTC resettable device technology, and we have broadened our product portfolio to become a more complete circuit protection solution provider.

We design, manufacture, and market a complete line of PolySwitch™ resettable overcurrent devices, Fast Acting fuses, Slow Blow fuses, Telecom fuses, SiBar™ thyristor surge protectors, GDT (Gas Discharge Tubes), ROV (Metal Oxide Varistors), ESD protection devices, 2Pro™ devices and PolyZen™ micro-assemblies.

Our Facilities

Recognized as a leader for operational excellence and customer service, we offer a dedicated direct engineering sales force, worldwide manufacturing and design centers, and local engineering support. This allows us to think globally and act locally.


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