MSK Covertech, Inc.
March 2008
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For many years, MSK has been one of the leading international manufacturers of film packaging systems for the packaging industry in the fields of hood stretching, hood shrinking and pass-through shrinking. MSK also provides conveying systems and the MSK EMSY high end control software.

With its high quality surfaces, MSK ClearView® packaging ensures an optimal display effect. The product is completely visible, yet also protected from dust and dirt. Transportation damage is dramatically reduced with this packaging method. Optimal stackability lowers storage costs. Within the last several years, many major appliance manufacturers like Bosch Siemens, Electrolux, General Electric, Miele and Whirlpool have made the decision to change from traditional corrugated packaging to MSK ClearView® packaging.

The latest generation of the MSK stretch hood machines, MSK Tensiontech F, enables the use of a thinner film. The patented MSK vertical film stretching system ensures an optimal understretch with high load stability. Without the use of hydraulics and gas, the MSK Tensiontech F processes gusseted film or flat tubes with an output of up to 200 products per hour.

Based on numerous MSK patents and working in close cooperation with leading enterprises in different industries for over 30 years, MSK has developed groundbreaking machines and packaging processes. MSK customers have confirmed that savings related to the lifetime of MSK machines exceeded their original investment cost, thanks largely in part to the engineering experience of MSK Covertech and its hood stretch and film shrinking technology.

MSK customer test centers allow you to see packaging analysis, as well as how packaging processes are compared by using different films to ensure a complete objective evaluation of the packaging procedure.


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