ebm-papst Inc.
March 2008
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100 Hyde Rd.
Farmington, CT 06034
Tel: 860/674-1515 * Fax: 860/674-8536

Fans and blowers with robust external-rotor motors are what have made ebmpapst the leader in air moving technology for the past twenty years. Throughout the world, its staff continually sets new standards on the latest air moving technology, incorporating innovation even in the smallest of fans. ebm-papst extends their services beyond the sale of a fan by offering their customers expertise in the design and manufacture of high quality air moving assemblies, including fan trays, blower boxes and electronic equipment chassis. ebm-papst is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered. Local sales, engineering and customer service facilities are strategically located throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Ireland.

Combustion Blowers: Compact design, reduced airflows, exceedingly high back pressures: ebm-papst centrifugal blowers for heating technology optimally meet the demands of gas condensing heaters, modulating gas blowers and fuel cells.

Crossflow Blowers: Stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, overhead projectors, solariums, air-conditioning, and heating units – they all require a fan with minimal mounting depth and maximum airflow at low flow rates. ebm-papst crossflow blowers provide airflows at relatively low back pressures and minimal noise.

EC Fans: Large EC five-bladed designs operate efficiently, consume less energy and greatly reduce noise emissions. Using integrated electronics makes these fans easy to operate and suitable for a variety of applications such as building air-conditioning, telecommunications, ventilation, and refrigeration technology.

ESM (Energy Saving Motor) Axial Fans: A versatile alternative to traditional axial fans with shaded-pole motors for refrigeration applications. The ESM Axial fan features a compact design with optimized impellers, extremely low acoustic noise, and a programmable EC motor for two selectable speeds.

Hot Air Blowers: Whether in stoves, climate cabinets, food and plate warmers, or medical equipment, ebm-papst hot air blowers supply perfect air performance at optimal air volumes with a long service life.

High Performance Axial Fans: These “space-saving miracles” are perfect for heating, ventilating, condensers, compressors, process heating or cooling. Their very narrow profile and integral grill guard mount easily for exhaust or inlet airflow.


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