Compressible Acoustic Insulation
March 2008
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The Thinsulate Compressible (TC) series high-performance acoustic insulation is a proprietary family of high performance, low density, nonwoven acoustic absorbers that are cavity filling, compressible, and conformable. These performance attributes make the acoustic absorbers ideal for novel designs in traditional applications. The initial market entry consists of four products with two weights and two surface configurations. With an acoustic cavity, more sound is captured in the material rather than passing over the absorber. Components made with the materials compress readily, leading to increased energy dissipation, which improves acoustic performance. TC 3303 offers half the density and a 25% better noise reduction coefficient (NRC) than other acoustical products of similar price from the supplier. TC 2203 provides similar performance to these same products, but it is half the density and is priced about 25% less per square foot.

“The technology behind the TC series has played a large role in advancing our understanding of sound energy dissipation,” said David Schlaefer, business manager for the supplier.


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