Sustainable Blowing Agent for Refrigeration Insulation
March 2008
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The company launched Ecomate as a new blowing agent for rigid insulating foams, as well as spray, flexible, and other foams. According to “Ecomate—A Revolutionary Yet Economical New Blowing Agent,” by John Murphy of Foam Supplies Inc. and Dennis Jones of BOC Ltd., the product is a true liquid blowing agent intended to replace HCFCs, HFCs, and HCs. It has some similar properties to HCFC-141b, including boiling point, solubility, and gas lambda value.  As a result, foaming characteristics [initiation speed or CT (crème time)], density potential, and thermal resistance are similar. Upper and lower explosion limits (UEL/LEL) are broader than 141b, said to be a result of the new blowing agent not having a halogen content. The paper explains that because the blowing agent has a molecular weight half that of 141b, it is nearly twice as effective at blowing the same density foam, which has economic advantages.


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