Engineered Nonwoven Textiles
March 2008
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The supplier manufactures and converts technical needle felts and nonwoven textiles for many industrial applications. Needle felts are produced by mechanically interlocking fibers, in a process called needle punching, on a needle loom machine. Needle felts are homogeneous fiber structures constructed by entanglement using barbed needles. The resulting material is uniformly dense and flexible, with excellent mechanical characteristics.

Nonwoven textiles are produced by mechanically, chemically, or thermally interlocking layers of fibers, filaments, or yarns. Thermal bonding bonds fibers using a conductive or convective heating method. For special cases, the nonwoven may be hydro entangled or spun bond, or can be a membrane composite. The supplier designs a custom felt to user specification, using various fiber chemistries, sizes, felt construction methods, and oil viscosities.


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