March 2008
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New MicroPunching systems from Schober USA provide dust-free punching of microholes (as small as 0.020 in. or 0.50 mm). The easy-to-operate modules feature long service life. Hardened matched metal rotary tool technology provides high precision, long service intervals, and production speeds of up to 250 ft/min as well as a web width of 2.50 in. and wider, depending on the application. Available die/anvil materials range from D2 to tungsten carbide.

Depending on the web width, a cantilevered design is also available to ensure convenient accessibility and simplify roll changes. Controls are intuitive and easy to reach. Mechanical or servodrives are available, as are turnkey off-line punching solutions. Hot-needle tools are available for use with nonwovens or thin-gauge film materials, while cold systems are ideal for microperforations. Systems are either web or servo driven. Rotary matched hardened-metal punching tools for precisely sized holes can be retrofitted into most web processing machines. www.schoberusa.com

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