Braille Adhesive Application System
March 2008
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The Nordson Corp. Braille system features a three-module gun, a specially developed electronic Braille code pattern controller, and a Nordson adhesive melter. The all-electric gun accurately applies adhesive Braille coding to packaging at a height of 0.5 mm to meet established guidelines for Braille readability. The system is designed to deliver advantages over other Braille application methods, including utilizing clear adhesive for Braille coding to eliminate interference with packaging graphics (some ink applications can obscure text or logos). The adhesive maintains its structural integrity and will not deteriorate over time as some embossing will. The ball-and-seat design of the gun is engineered for superior repeatability and clean cutoff for reduced adhesive stringing. The pattern controller is capable of interpreting multiple languages into Braille, and setup menus are only accessible with a key, to protect the data input. Displays show both standard text and Braille code dot patterns.


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