Lighter-Weight Li-Ion Power Source
March 2008
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Consumer and industrial power tools maker DeWalt (Baltimore, MD, U.S.) launched the 28-V cordless tool system with proprietary Nano Technology. Exclusive batteries have unique phosphate lithium-ion cells to provide users with increased battery durability and cycle life, and to offer 2000 recharges.

“The 28-V system is an extensive, eight-tool system designed with longer life, less weight than current 18-V tools, and greater performance, providing users with tools that work harder and last longer than existing power tool options,” said Pete Morris, vice president of DeWalt cordless marketing. 

The company is also launching a line of 18-V power tools with Nano Technology. The battery in this line will be compatible with existing 18-V power tools produced by the company since 1996. An innovative charger is also offered, capable of charging 7.2 to 18-V NiCd, NiMH, and Li-Ion batteries.

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