Surface-Mount Termination System
February 2008
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A new surface-mount insulation-piercing crimp terminal and the accompanying tools can quickly and easily terminate a wire to surface-mount printed circuit boards. The new method of termination combines the advantages of crimping, insulation piercing, and surface-mount technology (SMT) into a reliable and economical way to terminate wires. The system consists of a surface-mount terminal and a terminating machine, which feeds the wire into the connector and makes the termination. Its most popular utilization is for instances where the wire passes through the terminal and numerous serial connections are made to one single wire, such as in channel block lettering, where a series of LEDs is attached to a pair of wires. Compared with conventional methods, according to the company, the new system is less expensive than a two-piece pin/socket connection or an insulation displacement connector (IDC) type of connection which provides strain relief. It is also more cost-effective than soldering wires to a board by hand.


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