Coordinate Measuring Machines
January 2008
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 The X-Checker series of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) can perform accurate and repeatable measurement in shop-floor production applications where environmental conditions are inconsistent. The machine features a unique vibration-dampening base design made from a cast-polymer mineral resin, and guideways covered with machine tool bellows that protect the ball screws from dirt, contamination, exposed sunlight, and short-term temperature variations. The CNC controller, Renishaw electronics, and PC are mounted inside a lockable controller cabinet located under the machine base, minimizing the unit’s footprint and ensuring tamperproof operation. A flat-screen monitor and keyboard are mounted on an ergonomic swivel arm. The X-Checker has a measuring range (x, y, z axes) of 750 × 1000 × 500 mm and a maximum 3-D measuring speed of 700 mm/sec, with maximum acceleration of 2000 mm/sec2. Xspect Solutions Inc.

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