Automatic Cutting Machine
December 2007
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The PowerCut 3700 is an automatic cutting machine for measuring and cutting larger round and flat materials. Its powerful pneumatic cutter head is designed for clean, perpendicular cuts in a range of applications. Belt drives provide high-performance cable transport and outstanding length precision. The combination of high transport speed and short cutting-cycle times makes the cutting machine one of the most productive cutting machines on the market. The machine is designed with user-friendliness in mind, with reliable adjustment of the variable cable guides and easy-to-read scales, as well as a simple programming interface. A logically structured user menu with an integrated wire-and-cable library is said to make operating the machine intuitive. Two key features of the cutting machine are the sturdy high-performance belt-feed transport unit, which provides high pulling forces, and the strong pneumatic cutter head, which provides short cutting-cycle times. Materials ranging from flat and flexible wires to profiles and corrugated tubing are cut with ease. Flexible user interfaces allow full integration of active and passive peripheral machines, making the cutting machine the core of a fully automatic processing system.


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