Variable-Frequency Drive
December 2007
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The E700 compact variable-frequency drive (VFD) replaces the company’s E500 model, which achieved global popularity during a decade of production. The drive has the same footprint as the previous model and mounting arrangements are unchanged. All terminal markings and parameter numbers that the two drives share will have the same numbering systems and the new VFD will operate with programming developed for the E500. The new unit offers an improved speed range and more interoperability. The drive shares the full range of communications options with the bigger F700 and A700 drives, as well as the company’s RS-485 programming protocol. A dedicated USB port allows direct setup and diagnostics via a PC. Drive I/O can be remotely operated over a supported network, regardless of what the drive is doing. In smaller panel spaces, the frequency drive can be “bookshelf” mounted without a gap in between, and DIN rail mounting is also possible. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

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