Miniature Ball Screws
December 2007
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Miniature ball screws feature internal recirculation inserts, promoting smooth-running performance and good backdriving characteristics. The screws are equipped to serve in a range of portable and hand-driven tools for cutting, drilling, riveting, and forming operations, among others. The screw’s design includes cylindrical nuts with a threaded end for easy mounting and optimized nut geometry. Less sensitive to misalignment, the ball screws provide repeatability and operate at reduced noise levels, compared with conventional tube-design types. Diameters of the miniature ball screws range from 8 to 16 mm; leads from 2 to 5 mm; and screw shaft lengths up to 2100 mm. Options of the ball screw include safety-wire devices, wipers, and corrosion-resistant materials. All ball screw assemblies can be integrated with accessories for screw shafts and nuts and are supplied with necessary support-bearing packages preassembled and ready to go.


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