Plasticizer-Free Polyurethane Hose
December 2007
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Urebrade polyurethane hose is made from nontoxic ingredients that conform to FDA standard 177.2600 (rubber articles intended for repeated use). A durable product that handles repetitive flexing and abrasion, the polyurethane hose is well suited for wet and fatty food applications and beverage processing. The polyurethane is produced from a compound that, in addition to conforming to FDA standards, is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation’s Standard NSF 61 for drinking-water system components. It is manufactured from ether-based polyurethane reinforced with an open-mesh polyester braid to allow greater pressure capabilities than unreinforced tubing. The material has a longer service life compared with other hose materials containing plasticizers, which can cause flexibility loss, hardening, or cracking as they migrate out of plastics. The material is naturally flexible and does not require plasticizers.


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