Helium Leak Detector with Color Touch Screen Operation
December 2007
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The Heliot 700 series helium leak detector features a large color touchscreen and menu prompt display that is as easy to use as an ATM machine. A pressure-sensing triple inlet valve turbomolecular pump design provides high-sensitivity leak detection to 10–12 Torr-l/s and makes gross, medium, and fine leak detection fully automatic without the need to adjust any settings. Troubleshooting is made easy with integrated maintenance software. Other features include autocalibration, internal calibrated standard leak, configurable leak rate display screens, three set points, different sniffer probe and pump options, RS 232 and serial communication, and CE mark/IP30. Configurations include oil rotary or totally dry pumped units, and cart mounted with either large or small roughing pumps. Prices start at $18,000.

For more information, contact ULVAC Technologies Inc.; 401 Griffin Brook Dr., Methuen, MA 01844, U.S.; Tel: +1-978-686-7550; e-mail: sales@ulvac.com; Web site: www.ulvac.com. ULVAC Technologies Inc.


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