Energy-Efficient Materials Designed for Higher Thermal and Acoustic Performance
December 2007
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How can Lydall help you “Go Green”?

Being “Green” is a continuous improvement effort that combines reduction of energy consumption, utilization of environmentally friendly materials, and reduction of the environmental impact of the product in use. These are critical criteria that Lydall considers when developing engineered services and material solutions for appliance applications.

When customers request a Lydall engineered solution to improve the thermal and acoustical performance of their products, they can choose from a broad offering of RoHS-compliant materials to help achieve more environmentally friendly products. Lydall’s production facilities incorporate recovered feedstock from other industries, and they seek out streamlined processes to reduce impact. In analyzing the customer’s system, Lydall looks for opportunities for reduced materials usage and also for recyclable components, like Lydall AMS insulation.

In addition, Lydall’s fully resourced Appliance Lab can help customers identify opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of products through hot spot identification, analysis of surface temperatures, and energy consumption.

Incorporating any of the following materials can help make products more energy efficient:

appLY™ Mat
insulating mat manufactured with nonrespirable fibers used to improve energy efficiency and reduce surface temperatures —available in low odor and odorless versions while maintaining excellent physical strength and thermal performance.

an industry standard in gasket applications that helps reduce heat loss and air leakage, protect critical components, and reduce surface temperatures in narrow spaces—manufactured using nonrespirable fibers.

a biosoluble, high-temperature paper, also used as gasketing to reduce thermal losses and to provide thermal protection where temperatures exceed 1100˚F—part of the LyTherm® family of high-temperature paper products.

patented all-metal heat shield that is fiber-free and fully recyclable.

dB Core® Gradient Density
a family of acoustical products used to reduce noise and sound pollution, thus improving overall consumer satisfaction.

So get energy efficient with the environmentally friendly family of engineered materials from Lydall—and help keep the environment cool and quiet.

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