Thermal Link
December 2007
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Inter Control introduces its newest generation of thermal link (TCO), the Minimelt II. This product is designed for applications where a maximum temperature must not be exceeded and electric heating elements be protected, such as in coffeemakers, irons, dishwashers, and dryers.

The TCO has a melt solder insert in the mounting plate, which is in direct thermal contact with the surface that is to be monitored. When the preset temperature is reached, the solder melts, causing a pin to move and opening the electrical contacts. The design ensures an extremely fast thermal response of less than 2 seconds. The Minimelt II has a current rating of up to 15 A and a switch-off tolerance of –10 K. The closed ceramic housing is electrically isolated and eliminates the need for additional protective caps or sleeves. Various different fixing arrangements and terminals are available.

Inter Control is headquartered in Germany with production facilities and sales personnel worldwide. Inter Control and its sister company, Thermostat- und SchaltgerÃĪtebau (TSB), manufacture a wide range of adjustable and fixed set-point thermostats, TCOs, temperature limiters, combinations, and a range of complementary products for controlling and monitoring temperature in household appliances.

As specialists with more than 40 years of experience in application engineering, Inter Control and TSB work closely with customers to ensure that controls are ideally suited to the requirements of the end product, comply with the relevant regulations, and can be mounted efficiently. Extensive laboratory and test facilities are available during the design phase and modern measuring and documentation techniques are used to ensure top quality and reliability.

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