Surface Mount Thermoswitch®
December 2007
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Responding to the continuing demand in the commercial and industrial OEM markets to meet design-to-cost goals for temperature controls, Fenwal®, a leading manufacturer in the field, has recently established global manufacture of its Surface Mount Thermoswitch® temperature controller. The Fenwal Series 30000 thermoswitch is a precise, adjustable electromechanical controller with an on/off differential of ±1°F (±0.55°C). Competitive snap-action products typically are unreliable at less than 10ºF (5.6°C) differentials. Close temperature control in a surface-mount thermostat is an important design choice, and engineers around the world have sometimes had to compromise functionality in order to meet product total cost budgets. Global sourcing addresses this issue and follows the trend being established by many OEM companies.

The Fenwal Thermoswitch temperature controller is a unique electromechanical device that provides accurate, precise and reliable operation in demanding industrial and commercial applications. These rugged controllers require no external power source, respond rapidly to temperature changes and cost less than an equivalent electronic control. All Thermoswitch controllers use the principle of the differential expansion of metals to control internal electrical contacts and regulate temperature. This proven technique is accurate and linear from less than 50º to 600°F (10º to 315°C), which is well beyond the range of most electronic controls. Typical applications include commercial cooking and foodservice equipment, packaging machinery, industrial laminators, agricultural equipment, and pressure washers.

Fenwal Thermoswitch surface-mount controllers are installed in direct contact with the heated surface, allowing temperature changes to be sensed quickly. They offer a narrow temperature differential and are UL component recognized for a minimum contact life of 100,000 cycles. They are compact, long lasting, and fully adjustable, with overlapping ranges from 50° to 600°F (10º to 315°C) and a 10 A (1200 W) resistive load rating at 120 V ac.

For more information, contact Fenwal Controls; Tel: +1-508-881-2000; Web site: Fenwal Controls


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