Machinable Glass-Ceramic Supports High-Temperature Applications
December 2007
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Aremcolox 502-400 is a new machinable glass-ceramic available from Aremco Products Inc. The material can be used to produce thermally insulative and high-dielectric components and fixtures in electrical and electronics applications to 700°F (371°C). The glass-ceramic is engineered to provide outstanding electrical resistance, low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, zero porosity, and ease of machinability using carbide tools. It offers compressive and flexural strengths of 40,000 and 15,000 psi, respectively, a dielectric strength of 400 V per mil, dielectric constant of 6.9 at 1 MHz, and thermal conductivity of 2.88 Btu-in./hr-ft2-°F (0.41 W/m-K).

The glass-ceramic is typically used in electrical components and high-temperature fixtures. Applications include high-voltage insulators, connector housings, instrument and appliance insulators, and coil forms and bobbins.


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