Water-Based Adhesive
November 2007
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ACA 161A is a water-based adhesive designed to bond polypropylene (PP) and other engineering plastics to metals such as aluminum. Because the new RoHS mandate calls for the phasing out of all polyvinyl chloride–containing materials (PVCs), polypropylene is an attractive replacement for plastics that contain PVCs. The company says that tests have shown that the adhesive will provide a very strong bond (peel values of up to 32 pounds per inch) between polypropylene and aluminum. It can be applied directly to the material’s surface, eliminating the cost and assembly time required for primers. The water-based formula allows for easy cleanup. It can be applied to metal foil by gravure printing, reverse-roll, or wire-wound-bar coating methods. If necessary, it can also be applied with a brush, paint roller, or by spray coating. The adhesive is designed for any application where a strong bond to nonpolar surfaces is required, such as molded parts found in consumer electronic components and packaging applications. Akron Coating

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