November 2007
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The dsPIC33FJ12MC family is the company’s lowest-priced motor-control digital signal controller (DSC) family. The 40-MIPS DSCs are said to provide an excellent platform for advanced motor-control algorithms such as field-oriented control (FOC), enabling high performance, low noise, and power efficiency in motor-control applications. The controller family serves space-constrained motor-control applications in 20- and 28-pin packages as small as 6 × 6 mm. Specific motor-control hardware features of the controller family include a motor-control pulse-width modulator (PWM) with two independent clock sources for advanced motor-control algorithms and active power-factor correction using a single DSC, and an analog-to-digital convertor (ADC) optimized for motor-control applications. Together with the on-chip quadrature-encoder interface, the hardware features provide a highly integrated, cost-effective motor-control solution. The on-chip ADC and motor-control PWM are also very useful for power-conversion and LED lighting applications.


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