Motion Sensors
November 2007
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For consumer electronics that require fast response times, low current consumption, low-voltage operation, and sleep mode in small-profile packages, the company’s triple-axis accelerometers are said to provide good motion-sensing solutions. The MEMS sensor devices are designed to enable selectable sensitivity of 1.5g/6g for the MMA7360L, 3g/12g for the MMA7340L, and 4g/16g for the MMA7330L. The ability to select various heightened multiaxis sensitivities is said to be essential to detect fall, tilt, motion, position, shock, and vibration for multiple portable applications and functions. The MMA73x0L analog output sensors are housed in a 3 × 5 × 1-mm land grid array package that is 71% smaller in volume than the quad-flat no-lead package. The small size is said to make the sensors an excellent fit for small-footprint portable applications. The sensors also provide enabling technology for antitheft applications designed to safeguard laptop computers. According to the company, using an accelerometer within a laptop security system can detect improper motion and trigger an audible alarm. The low-g accelerometers are available with analog output, reportedly enabling a high degree of linearity for motion-sensing applications.


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