Epoxy Adhesive
November 2007
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Araldite 7047 is a one-component, silver-filled epoxy adhesive that combines high electrical and thermal conductivity with good bond strength. The epoxy adhesive is a high-purity, 100%-solids system designed for void-free bonding of circuitry and microelectronic chips to printed circuit boards. The high-speed dispensable material features an extended work life of up to four days at room temperature and cures in an hour at 165°C. The silver-filled epoxy is formulated without solvents or viscosity diluents to reduce potential outgassing. With its high-temperature performance, the product is compatible with lead-free processing. Once cured, it exhibits an aluminum/aluminum lap shear strength of 1300 psi and gold/gold die shear of 1700 psi at room temperature. Volume resistivity at room temperature is < 0.0002 ohm-cm, even after 1000 hours of aging. The epoxy has a glass transition temperature of 130°C and coefficient of thermal expansion of 72 ppm/°C.


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