November 2007
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The Anaerobic Adhesives & Sealants Selector Guide from Permabond highlights the company’s offering of retaining compounds, gasket makers, thread sealers, and thread lockers. The company’s retaining compound is said to provide 100% surface-to-surface contact, while mechanical joining techniques provide only 20% surface-to-surface contact. The resulting surface area increase is said to permit a load-carrying capacity more than five times that of mechanical joining techniques. According to the literature, the company’s form-in-place gaskets are silicone-free, high-viscosity sealants that dispense easily with very little pressure. The company’s PTFE-based formulations reportedly allow easy assembly and provide an instant seal of 1000 psi. The company says its thread-locking sealants are a cost-effective alternative to lock washers and locking metal-threaded fasteners.

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