Graphical User Interface Technology
November 2007
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The company recently announced that its graphical user interface (GUI) IP technology is now available as a licensable IP block for Atmel Corp.’s CAPTM ARM-based customizable microcontroller (MCU). Until now, the GUI solutions have only been available in the company’s standard product ICs. Now, as a fully verified IP block for the CAP7 platform, building a custom MCU that incorporates the GUI technology is said to be quick, easy, and low risk. Exploiting the CAP7’s multilayered bus architecture and the fast on-chip ROM and RAM, the GUI IP block and firmware were designed so that full-speed GUI execution can run concurrently with the customer’s ARM7 application code. While the concurrent operation of the design frees the ARM processor core to perform the customer’s application, the small size of the IP block leaves a significant portion of the metal programmable block free for other IP blocks and custom logic.


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