November 2007
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The RS20 is one of a series of high-performance SCARA robots that are said to have high speed, precision, and a very small footprint for compact tabletop lean manufacturing. The unit features four degrees of freedom, a hardened AB plastic external housing, and electric servo-driven motors for reliability. All cables run inside the arm, including the electrical/pneumatic user lines. The robot utilizes the CS8C M controller, which features a compact, lightweight design based on the CS8 platform. The platform is said to be an advanced PC-based controls system suited for applications that require complex process control. The platform utilizes the VAL3 programming language, which is adapted to robotics and features numerous possibilities to communicate with the outside world, including Fieldbus, Ethernet, and ModBus, and comes with an offline programming software package for ease of integration and use. The robot is designed for a variety of high-speed and precise applications, including dispensing, soldering, material handling, packaging, and assembly. The compact robot increases productivity without giving up valuable floor space, making it suitable for low-volume production, lab facilities, or companies moving to lean manufacturing cells.


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