November 2007
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The company offers clamps for fitting attachment in three different styles. Consisting of ear type, worm gear, and double bond, the clamps are used in industries such as laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical, pool and spa, appliance, and many others. The Oetiker is a compact and unique ear-type clamping system in stainless steel and zinc-plated carbon steel. The clamps breathe to adapt to expansion and contraction, yet remain secure and tamperproof. Because they are lightweight and compact, the clamps are well suited to limited-space applications. Sizes range from 5⁄32 to 1 9⁄16 in. nominal OD. Worm gear clamps can easily be installed with a screwdriver. The stainless-steel construction provides durability, and a lined version is available for use with very soft tubing such as silicone. Worm gear clamps come in a wide range of sizes, from 3⁄8 through 6 in. nominal diam. Another option is a nylon double-bond clamp called Kwik Clamp, manufactured from UL-listed black nylon 6-6.¬† It will not rust or corrode and is nonconductive. The patented double row of teeth ensures a strong bond that will not vibrate loose. No tools are needed for installation, and the clamps are reusable. Sizes range from¬†1/4 to 4 1⁄4 in. nominal OD.


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