Coil Processor
November 2007
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A new coil processor called DieMation will produce high-precision, multiple-piece parts from coils up to 40,000 lb. The system consists of a coil car, uncoiler, 26-14 gauge straightener, servo roll feed, 22-station punching system, shear, exit conveyor, and other components. A sophisticated, proprietary control system uses a new algorithm to coordinate strip position, independent positioning of the punching stations, and independent simultaneous punch operation, including nibbling, and it does so while minimizing move time and cycle time. A unique operator interface allows for significantly reduced programming time by applying graphical tools directly to user drawings. The system is designed to offer advantages over standard turret-style machines or lasers, such as removing tool-change/sheet-handling downtime, as well as reduced costs from the use of coil versus preblanked steel. The system is compatible to run materials such as cold-rolled, prepaint, stainless, aluminum, and some plastics. FMI Dahlstrom

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