Cutting System
November 2007
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The heavy-duty, compact cut-to-length (CTL) system has the capacity to process 40-in.-wide coils of high yield material up to 65,000 psi, ranging in thickness from 0.048 to 0.437 in. with a weight capacity of up to 20,000 lb. The CTL system is designed to increase production of high-strength low-alloy steel up to 0.437 in. thick, cutting it into sheets for further processing. The system consists of a high-capacity-cradle straightener-feeder combination unit and a heavy-duty hydraulic-powered cutoff shear with run-out conveyor. The cradle utilizes a coil catcher and peeler assembly to control the leading edge of the material for thread-up into the straightener head. Features such as powered adjustment on the confining plates, guide rollers in the confining plates, and a cutaway at the back of the unit for easier loading of coils into the cradle unit make coil loading and thread-up easier and more efficient. The straightener-feeder is equipped with a hydraulic-powered debender system for ease in threading heavy material. The feed control is equipped with a 500-job storage capacity, full diagnostics and job status screens, and an in-motion, micro adjust feature for on-the-fly adjustments.


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