Polyester Film
November 2007
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Autotex XE is an advanced polyester film, tougher and more durable than polycarbonate and PVC films, consisting of a base polyester and a flexible chemically bonded, UV-cured, textured coating. It is designed to be chemical-, abrasion-, and scratch-resistant with a long flex life. The film offers increased UV resistance and has been developed specifically to resist yellowing and premature aging for outdoor products. The film can withstand high humidity and temperatures and has a built-in UV inhibitor to offer maximum protection in extreme environmental conditions. The film may be used as a substrate in the membrane switch overlay, facia panel, signage, nameplate, and label/product marking markets. The film is available in fine and velvet textures on the first surface, with an ink-receptive second surface. The second surface provides excellent adhesion properties for screen printing inks. MacDermid Autotype

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