November 2007
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The TITE family of liquid-tight cordgrips is designed for larger flexible wire cables and cords in electrical enclosures of any kind, including NPT, metric and PG threads in straight-thru, configurations. The cordgrips provide a strong, long-lasting, easy-to-apply liquid-tight strain relief. They can connect flexible cables and cords of larger sizes, up to 1.350 in. diam. The varying diameter in the expanded product range can be used in such applications as industrial or commercial equipment, electrical motor housings, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical pumps, and medical equipment. The liquid-tight cordgrips have been noted for smooth, rounded interior surfaces, which allow cords and cables of varying diameters to insert easily into housings and cabinets without binding or scraping of insulation. The cordgrips are able to handle larger cable diameter ranges for wire protection, assuring a safe, secure, liquid-tight seal throughout virtually any electrical housing or panel.


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