November 2007
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The Model 4045 programmable synthesized function generator can generate sine, square, triangle, and arbitrary waveforms with crystal-controlled sampling rates of up to 20 Hz, 12-bit vertical resolution, and up to 1000 points. A menu-driven front panel operation with an easy-to-read graphic LCD display makes the generator easy to operate. Parameter changes and data entry can be made using the rotary knob or via the built-in RS-232 interface. Waveform editing can be done from scratch or by modifying standard waveforms. The built-in PC software program allows the user to easily create, edit, and download complex waveforms. Waveforms can be stored in the unit’s flash memory. Programming can be remotely controlled by the built-in interface. All waveforms are internally generated with amplitudes to 10 V p-p into 50 Ω. An offset generator allows generation of signals with large offsets. A full range of triggering capabilities is available including internal-external trigger source, gated, and burst modes of operation. B&K Precision Corp.

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