Flow Control Valve
November 2007
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The ultraminiature pressure-compensated flow control valve with low-friction diaphragm is designed to maintain a constant flow rate, which can be adjusted regardless of upstream or downstream pressure variations. The PCFCD-1N1 works with both liquids (incompressible fluids) and gases (compressible fluids) but is primarily intended for the control of liquids. The pressure regulation is accomplished with a low-friction diaphragm mechanism. The control valve is designed to set an industry standard for miniaturization and is lightweight. It controls flow rates of 0 to 4.2 gal/hr of water (0 to 20 cu ft/hr of air) and is especially suited for the control of low flow rates. The maximum rated inlet supply pressure is 500 psig. Both the inlet and outlet ports are tapped 10-32.


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