November 2007
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The company expanded its M16C family of 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) by adding 12 M16C/64-group models and 20 M16C/65-group models for car audio, home audio, and similar consumer products, as well as industrial applications. The new devices, successors to the current M16C/62P group, offer the flexibility to quickly implement system functional enhancements and version upgrades of embedded system designs. The MCUs are fully compatible with the previous-generation products, maximizing the value of customers’ engineering investments. The MCUs in the M16C/64 and M16C/65 groups operate at 2.7–5.5 V and have a high-performance M16C/60 16-bit CPU core, which enables the use of existing code. Devices in the M16C/65 group operate at speeds up to 35 MHz, 30% faster than the previous-generation product, while those in the M16C/64 group run at 25 MHz.


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