Meeting the Demands of Foodservice Control
November 2007
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Foodservice appliance manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase performance and engineer intuitive and efficient equipment. Three new product series address this need: the UCM (Universal Control Module) 300 series (pictured), the UCM 200 series, and the SPR-5 (Smart Panel Refrigeration) modules.

The supplier intends for the latest development in its successful Smart Panel series—Single Wire Technology—to lead OEMs to new engineering generations. Smart Panel Switches can be linked like building blocks to each other, allowing the incorporation of new functions as needed. This system connects to the supplier’s newly developed and patented Hybrid Controller Technology for seamless operation.

The new UCM provides OEMs with a fresh, contemporary interface. The interactive knob and center push button simplify the human interface to control time, temperature, or virtually any programming function.  The Track Wheel interface lets users glide through control tasks. Requiring just one finger to program, the intuitive, touch-sensitive interface is quick and simple to use.

Slim and contemporary new Control Modules offer OEMs significant design flexibility. The Knob Module measures just ½ in. in depth.  Equipment designers utilize a single wire connection so control
modules can be placed virtually anywhere on the equipment, including door panels, edges, frames, and more, eliminating expensive and complicated harnesses.

The UCMs interface with the Hybrid Controller, displaying the status of the equipment and specific functions as well as allowing adjustment of each circuit. The module can manage water level, temperature, heaters, and valves, provide error codes and operate timers, and control the entire process of the equipment.


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