Game Controller
November 2007
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A twenty-year video game paradigm is being changed by abandoning the traditional controller held with two hands and introducing a new freehand-style unit held with one hand. Incorporating the company’s three-axis ADXL330 iMEMS acceleration sensor, the intuitive, innovative Wii controller allows players to run, jump, spin, slide, steer, accelerate, bank, dive, kick, throw, and score in a way never experienced in gaming. Central to the console’s design is accurate and reliable multiaxis linear acceleration sensing. The unit’s robust three-axis motion signal processing performance enables a new concept in console video game controllers and gaming interfaces by allowing the gamer’s body motion to control his or her actions in the game in real time. The sensor is used to sense motion of the game player in three dimensions of freedom: forward-backward, left-right, and up-down. When the controller is picked up and manipulated, it provides a quick element of interaction, sensing motion, depth, and positioning dictated by the acceleration of the controller itself.


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