Self-Shielding Radiation Device
November 2007
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Mobetron, the flagship cancer-fighting device from IntraOp Medical Corp. (Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.), is self-shielding so it can be used in any operating room. Other intraoperative electron-beam radiation therapy (IOERT) devices require renovations to retrofit existing operating rooms to protect staff from radiation leakage during treatment; hospitals and clinics using Mobetron do not incur this expense or complication. The unit is also designed to be fully portable, to be wheeled between operating rooms and shared among surgical teams.

The device uses IOERT, a more precise form of intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) that provides more-uniform dose distribution, less toxicity, quicker treatment, and proven clinical outcomes. The unit delivers electron-beam radiation directly to affected tissue during cancer surgery and allows doctors to escalate the dose of radiation. It is designed to virtually eliminate damage to surrounding healthy tissue and arrest the spread of cancer cells following surgery. The physician-guided radiation therapy (PGRT) unit is engineered to allow physicians to physically determine and treat the area at risk during surgery.

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