Clinch-Seam Blowers Provide Performance
October 2007
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Clinch-seam blowers offer tamperproof and reliable performance while maximizing production efficiencies for faster delivery and better quality, according to the supplier. The tamper-resistant design assures metered amounts of air for efficient combustion and proper vacuum levels for safe gas-control-valve operation. Clinch-seam blowers’ elimination of housing spot welding means there is no paint to flake and clog sensitive vacuum taps. Rust protection is maximized in the clinch-seam blower because the unit’s aluminized coating is never jeopardized by spot welding. Manufacturers benefit from the production efficiencies of clinch-seam blowers. These blowers eliminate costly, time-consuming product production steps, particularly those associated with painting. This promotes quick order-to-delivery cycling time, which makes it easily adaptable to just-in-time delivery.


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