October 2007
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The D6F-03 unidirectional MEMS mass-flow sensor utilizes a thermopile element that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. It is capable of measuring mass airflow up to 3 L/min with a ±5% full-scale repeatable accuracy. The sensors exhibit stable output performance across the entire scale. Through innovative packaging using miniaturization techniques, the devices measure 16.8 × 8 × 36.6 mm and weigh 5.27 g. The sensors operate on a supply voltage of 10.8–26.4 V dc while consuming just 15 mA maximum. The units’ output signal is 1–5 V dc with a minimum load resistance of 10 kΩ. The case is composed of molded thermoplastic and aluminum while the connection is made through a three-pin industry-standard connector.


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