October 2007
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The KoolBrite family of surface-mount LEDs has been engineered to meet the toughest thermal-dissipating demands. The units utilize the company’s specially formulated ceramic substrate material, a unique epoxy lens, and a manufacturing process that can cast the lens directly onto the ceramic substrate. The result is a family of surface-mount LEDs capable of withstanding even old-fashioned wave soldering, while providing a usable operating life of 50,000+ hours with no loss in light-output levels. The LEDs virtually eliminate failures due to thermal-junction deterioration. The LEDs are well suited for illumination or indication on PC boards, annunciator and control panels, telecom switches and central office equipment, medical equipment, or anywhere a surface-mount LED with exceptional heat characteristics is needed. The LEDs are available in two families: single chip and dual chip. All units are lead-free. Lumex

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