Mounting Clips
October 2007
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Flexicon conduit mounting clips are rigid mounting devices for use with all types of Flexicon FPAS or FPI liquid-tight flexible-nylon corrugated conduit, and the cables and tubing the conduit carries. The mounting clips provide a swift, simple, and secure means of mounting fine- or coarse-pitch conduit or tubing into vertical or horizontal indoor/outdoor configurations. The clips meet all conduit and tubing requirements. The units are resistant to salt water, weak acids, gasoline, oil, grease, and common solvents and can be used in a wide range of demanding OEM application environments. The conduit mounting clips are characterized by a sturdy, rigid, precision-molded two-piece mechanism with attached integral locking closure. The clips are available in sizes to accommodate 0.25- to 2-in. conduit and tubing for application versatility. Fine- or coarse-pitch conduit and tubing simply snaps into the mounting clips for fast assembly or disassembly. Each clip uses a single standard #10 screw to attach it to an electrical panel or chassis and is constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant polyamide 6/6 nylon. Standard color options include black or gray; custom colors may also be specified.


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