October 2007
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Die-spotting/tryout presses have been added to the company’s expanded hydraulic press line. The die-spotting/tryout presses, used primarily in the automotive industry, are available in a variety of configurations in tonnages up to 10,000 tn and bed sizes exceeding 240 in. (6100 mm). The die-spotting/tryout press line is equipped with a precise microadjustment feature for accurate depth control when die-blueing. Motorized rolling bolsters meet ANSI B11.2-1995 R-2000 standards and provide fast, efficient die changes and easy access for press maintenance. Optional booking rams are also avail- able and allow easy access to the underside of the top die mold. The presses come fully equipped with knockout and eject capabilities, which aid in removing a part or material from the dies. Four-corner leveling also ensures accurate, consistent thickness for each part. Custom daylight and stroke design provide a press that works best for each customer’s specific application. In addition, a touch screen operator panel allows hundreds of programs to be stored in the press control.


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