Display Sockets
October 2007
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The company has made its complete line of VertisocketT display sockets RoHS-compliant. The sockets can be used for applications such as DIP packaging of LEDs, incandescent lamps, and DIP switches. The display sockets provide design freedom with a variety of mounting positions and pin configurations. The sockets are either at an angle or an elevated height to bring a display out to the window of the user’s finished product. The sockets are available in two types: with stamped informed pins (either horizontally or vertically mounted) or with collet contacts. The contacts on the sockets with collets have a 3-A contact current rating and accept leads that are 0.015–0.025 in. diam and 0.110–0.150 in. long. The four-fingered collet contacts are heat-treated beryllium copper alloy, and the contact plating is 30 µin. (0.76 µm) minimum gold per MIL-G-45204 over 50 µin. (1.27 µm) minimum nickel per SAE-AMS-QQ-N-290. The sockets have an insertion force of 180 g per pin, a withdrawal force of 90 g per pin, and a normal force of 140 g per pin. Aries Electronics Inc.

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